"I've had the pleasure of working with Clouds Image during the production of two Travel Channel web series. They elevated the films by securing breathtaking locations and casting beautiful souls. They fully understand the nature of production so we were well taken care of logistically but also they are wonderful folks who are there for you 100%. If you plan to film in The Bahamas, Clouds Image will cover all the bases so you can concentrate on making your experience ideal.”


- Francisco Aliwalas









It's always best to have someone you can trust when visiting a country.  With our local resources, we are a vital support to ensuring your production runs smoothly. We understand hospitality to the point of being an 'island concierge' for your production needs.  Let us help you on the ground before you arrive here.
  • Travel, Meals and Lodging Arrangements

  • Security

  • Food Catering/Crafts Services

  • Back Office 

“It was my first time doing a photo shoot in The Bahamas and I found ‘Clouds Image’ online for gear and production support. I knew I made the right decision from the start because Camille + Kino (Owners) responded so quickly and helped me source rental cars, production gear, photo equipment as well as local delicacies in a short time period. I never expected to receive such a high level of dedication and support. They were happy to work with us on every problem and successfully solved all our issues in so little time. 


On this visit to The Bahamas, we were faced with inclement weather that threatened our shoot.  Clouds Image managed to find a location on a holiday, and it was less than 10 minutes from our current location! The location was perfect for our shoot and Jane Waterous is an amazing local artist who we would not have met had it not been for Clouds Image.  Our crew/talent felt safe in their hands and most importantly they are very trustworthy.  Our shoot was a huge success and I hope to work with them both again very soon! Highest recommendation!”


Maureen Lewis

BAM Productions

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